Private Yoga Mentoring

Geelong private yoga

Classes Tailored Just For You

Have a personalised yoga class tailored just for you, or if you perfer – you and your partner, family member, friend, or work colleague. An opportunity to explore your own practice in more depth, to learn a particular pose or sequence of your choosing, or to adapt a practice around a particular health issues you may be currently experiencing. Some days you may be looking for a more active class and other days you may just feel like luxuriating in a slower paced more mindful yoga. You can choose how it is tailored. Personal yoga mentoring helps you to attain a whole new level of practice.

From $60 for 1 hour at a mutually convenient time (the cost can vary depending upon regularity of classes, location of class, and number of persons participating). Continue reading

How Do You Yoga?

Have you noticed your own yoga practice changing over time?

Mine has. Quite significantly.

Before I started yoga seriously, practicing at least once a week and sometimes four times a week, I was a gym goer. I did quite a lot of gym classes where I became very used to the teacher/instructor standing up the front of the class on a podium and all of us basically copied the instructor’s moves. The focus was generally on challenging myself to get the most out of my body, to become fitter, stronger, and push myself to the limit. Continue reading

Are You Scared Of Spontaneity?

We all say we have busy lives. We all say we don’t have time for things we want to do. And often we feel say we are overwhelmed by all the things we have to do. Why are we so busy? 

A good friend said recently that she feels we all over-plan our lives these days. We carefully plan our work life, our social life, our exercise, our leisure time, our hobbies, perhaps our eating and food, our sleeping, and sometimes even our family time. It may seem as though we plan everything way more than what our predecessors did. I can’t remember my parents ever living life by a diary or filling their days with so much activity when I was growing up. Continue reading

Searching For Treasure

Maybe in all the wrong places……

You know those “Aha!” type moments when you realise you have been looking for the pearls in all the wrong places? I’m sure it must happen to you too.

I had just such a recent experience when myself and a couple of lovely ladies travelled to Daylesford together for a mini retreat.  Continue reading

No Time For Svanasana

Are you too busy for relaxation after a yoga class? Once the last asana has ended are you moving onto the next thing on your to-do list or is it the icing on the cake for you?

When your yoga teacher tells you it’s time for Svanasana at the end of a class are you excited or do you think “Waste of time!” Continue reading