Private Yoga Mentoring

Geelong private yoga

Classes Tailored Just For You

Have a personalised yoga class tailored just for you, or if you perfer – you and your partner, family member, friend, or work colleague. An opportunity to explore your own practice in more depth, to learn a particular pose or sequence of your choosing, or to adapt a practice around a particular health issues you may be currently experiencing. Some days you may be looking for a more active class and other days you may just feel like luxuriating in a slower paced more mindful yoga. You can choose how it is tailored. Personal yoga mentoring helps you to attain a whole new level of practice.

From $60 for 1 hour at a mutually convenient time (the cost can vary depending upon regularity of classes, location of class, and number of persons participating). Continue reading

I don’t do vulnerable

I don’t do vulnerable…this used to my catch cry. I took pride in stating it actually as I thought it meant strength and character.

Until a Kinesiologist replied; “Good luck with that. I hope that works for you!” I hesitated and that was the start of a great journey… The reconnection with my self. Continue reading

8 quick yoga poses for you to try at your desk

We often sit for so long staring at a computer screen in an average work day that it  can certainly take its toll on the body and mind. It can leave us with sore muscles, feeling achy and stiff at the end of the day.
Does this sound like you? Does it sound familiar?
Hunched shoulders, forward head, neck tilted back, and maybe feet dangling or crossed. It all takes its toll on the body  causing wear and tear. Break it up every so often with a few yoga moves that will keep the body more agile, flexible, and hopefully prevent the soreness and stiffness when you are ready to knock off. Continue reading

Flurried & Fifty

So far I’m calling it the flurried fifties.

Okay well maybe it’s hard for me to qualify as being an expert in that area given that I only turned 50 at the end of June but I’m basing this not just on myself but also on conversations with some my nearest and dearest girlfriends and I don’t think it’s so unusual. Actually I think it starts in the second half of the 40’s, or so it did with me. Continue reading

Yoga to lull you to sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping some nights? Too many things going round and round in your head.

Here are a few yoga moves that you can do to help relax your mind and body and find some peace that will enable you to sleep soundly. The best part is you can even do them in bed and you can do them in your PJs.  Continue reading

I don’t have time!

Is this a common catch cry from you? “I can’t do it now. I’m too busy!” I do it all the time! If I had 10 cents for every time I have said those lines I would certainly be a wealthy woman. 

What is it about time? When I had a busy corporate life I could fit so much more in a day and I could work through my to-do list reasonably effectively although it often just got longer as I added more things to the bottom. Now that I don’t have that same high level pressure and should have more time to get other things done, they just don’t happen. Continue reading