Seaire Yoga offers classes combining aspects of Hatha based yoga, Viniyoga, Yin yoga, Somatics, and Restorative Yoga for discerning, independently-minded women in the Geelong area who want to thrive, feel more alive, and to connect more deeply with themselves. Mind/body connection techniques are woven throughout my classes to assist you to build a loving healthy relationship with yourself long term.

I’m Debbie, Founder of Seaire Yoga and your yoga guide on weekend and week-long retreats to beautiful locations both in Australia and overseas, to places like Daylesford, Bali and New Zealand. Our retreats let you indulge and escape from the diversity of pressures that we women often experience in our daily lives. Feel the worries drain into the background and gain a renewed sense of well-being and optimism by plunging yourself into a luxuriant escape and returning home refreshed and relaxed.

New to Yoga? That's fine. Beginners are very welcome.